Wednesday, January 06, 2010


为什么每天都 tio sai?
为什么连 meeting room 都不会自己 book!

为什么那么多 meeting?
为什么?为什么?为什么! 老板我讨厌你!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

end of 2009

the year is coming to an end soon. this week the 2 bosses on leave, plus some other colleagues, so the office is practically in a no-govt state. lol. which is gd.. cos it's a v peaceful way to end the yr. holiday mood, no work, no irritating boss. aniway, it's time again to recap on wat i've done this yr.. think i did quite a lot of things

on personal life..
1. got married
2. got my own house
3. went phuket, tg batu, hong kong
4. tried parasailing, sea canoeing
5. got chauffeur to n fro work.. hehe
6. got a sis-in-law

on work life..
1. got "promoted" to team lead, but no pay increment, oni sai increment
2. got a gd appraisal feedback. first time no comments abt room for improvement
3. first time do nite shift
4. dare to toke back n show black face to boss
5. got wage freeze.. zzz
6. first time receive bdae presents n bdae treat from colleagues
7. went on outings wif colleagues.. quite fun

hopefully nxt yr's highlight will b a japan trip n new job.. lol

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


recently it's v hard to pass a weekday without being irritated by the bosses. on 1 day, they will present their dream plan of finishing the whole project within 4 mths. on another day, they will shuffle the manpower across the modules without consulting us, as if treating us like assets. i, for one, got transferred from doing java to doing c++, and i still have to keep track of my java modules. wth.. den today, just half an hr b4 going home, they told us we cant go for our course next week, n they have found replacements for us. wat is this? making decisions for us? n the reason we cant go is bcos the users die die want us to present our modules on that day, despite knowing we have a course. user v big isit? can disregard our schedules? n they nvr bother to tell us earlier until the last min. end up we have to call the hr just minutes before going home n ask if we can swop our course with our colleagues who r attending the same course this week. luckily the hr was willing to help n we managed to swop the course. RAHHHHHHH.. irritating shit.

life without the bosses is so much more fun. today colleagues treated me n another colleague who is also celebrating her birthday this mth to sushi tei. so touched sia. usually is oni me treat other ppl.. den the pm turned up n joined us. initially they were out for meeting so we nvr jio them.. dun realli care if they join or not oso. den he said he treat us to swensen ice cream. if i knew he treating ice cream den i dun drink so much green tea. -.- . end up eat until so full.. feeling pui pui. tmr eating western dinner!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

today they officially took back our internet pcs. just 5 mins after the guy left, our tester suddenly wanted to send email but most of us dun have internet access oredi. faint. i wonder who's the pea brain who suggested cutting the internet connection in order to fulfil the audit checks. dun they noe tat they r just pushing ppl to bring in netbooks n mobile broadband n therefore making the original problem worse? realli wonder if they got any brains at all. naive co + naive mgrs = suffering n irate employees.

most of my colleagues were either on course or at site today, n the pm suddenly joined us for lunch. suddenly felt so bored. got a taste of how it feels like if my colleagues suddenly start to quit 1 by 1. life will b so boring tat there's nothing much worth staying for. in the prev co, even though i dun realli click with the colleagues, at least the working culture was gd. now? it's merely the colleagues n the hope of gaining more work experience tats worth staying for. lol. it's amazing how fast my opinion of the co can drop within 1 yr. in my 1st job, i was still happily working after 1 yr+. sigh. realli cmi

mayb recently kena gek too much by the work.. pimples kept popping out. after my 二郎神 eye disappeared, now one popped on my nose. n this morn hb suddenly looked at me n said "pinocchio! stop telling lies!". wat the @$#%^

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

primitive life

yest, juz when i was still basking in the positivity of the course, my colleagues suddenly told me the co decided to take back all our internet pcs n make us share 1 internet pc. imagine 8 to 10 ppl using the same pc for internet? walao eh. first they blocked facebook, then they blocked yahoo msn, now they juz simply take back all our internet connection. they juz wan us to work work work n dun even care how the lack of internet will greatly inconvenience us. no more googling, no more checking of emails, no more taking a break by surfing. perhaps this is their ploy all along, juz tat they took it step-by-step to reduce the impact. sigh. somemore one of colleagues have a penchant for dirtying the keyboard n mouse. everytime he touched them they feel especially oily. a few mths back while we were at the customer site, none of my colleagues wanted to use his pc cos u can almost c a layer of oil on top from the light reflection. gross man

now there's one more reason to add to the reasons-to-quit list. wonder wat era they are living in.. IT age indeed. everything oso dun have. might as well take back our development pc as well n make us write code using pen n paper

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

changing mindsets

today i attended the 2nd adam khoo course. everytime i finished attending one i feel inspired. lol. though it's more of on a personal level rather than on the corporate level, cos the co culture is already too rigid to b changed. today's course was abt managing changes n how do we react to it, n oso the differences between the gen x n gen y. gen x means ppl born during 1960s to 1970s. one of the gen x actually said the gen y ppl r not willing to work hard n keep wanting to leave on the dot, n how the gen x ppl can actually work till 8 or 9 for the co. lol. deep down i was rolling my eyes. work ot for the co when u dun get paid ot n ur boss takes for granted tat u will do ot to meet schedule? pls loh it's so stupid n not worthwhile. dun these ppl have their lives outside of work? it's bcos of these gen x ppl tat r managing the co tats y we r still fixed on these old values of working ot = working hard. rubbish

aniway i digress. lol. the main pt was to change our mindsets n start to think positively. at the end of the course, he showed us a video of a father and son team who ran marathons together. it's super touching tat i almost felt like crying. it's amazing how this father can go thru so much for his son. if they can do it, den we shld b able to make changes to our lives too. hmm.. time to think wat to start changing

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Friday, October 30, 2009

call me god

recently my face have been popping gigantic pimples, usually 1 or 2 at a time. i wonder if it's due to hormones or hot weather, cos they r way bigger than last time. earlier this mth, it was at the side of my forehead, n now, it's in the middle of my forehead near to the bridge of my nose. my mum call me 观音娘娘. my hb is more wicked. he call me 二郎神. jidan.. n he even act as if he kena beamed by my "eye". juz imagine neo doing the slow motion in matrix. -__-. in retort, i call him 孝天犬. wat else can he be if i'm 二郎神 rite. n he's a rather big-size 孝天犬 somemore. hmph! cant wait for him to pop pimples n c wat nickname he can get

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